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  • The most common Ant found in Orange County is the Argentine Ant. This Ant travels in large numbers & they can have multiple queens. They don’t need soil to survive. They can live in your walls, under a house plant, or just outside.

  • Most common places to find ants inside your home, is your kitchen and bathroom. They search for food and water.We will treat the inside and outside of your home or office all in one visit.

  • Inside treatment includes: a light application to all baseboards, window ceils, under sinks, garage, upstairs and downstairs.  Ants that are in electrical sockets, we will treat with gas inside the wall. Vacate time is two hours.

  • Outside treatment Includes: application with a backpack sprayer around entire property, including foundation of home cracks in concrete, in and around flower beds /trees, and anywhere ants are harboring.

  • we use the safest and best products on the market. You Must allow 10 days for ants to completely dissipate.

  • All work is Guaranteed for 2 Months

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