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Used them on one of our rental properties and haven’t had any issues since. The gentleman showed up on time, was very efficient, professional and got the job done. Haven’t had any issues since. I will definitely request a bid from them if we have any issues at our commercial properties. 

Robert H.

Irvine, CA

I had contracts with some of the larger national companies and was never satisfied- they did not show when they said they would and were not able to get rid of the silverfish that had become permanent residents of my household. I was referred to Lucas and Oceanfront Pest two years ago and after the first visit the silverfish were gone. I like the environmentally friendly products he uses and the prompt professional service that is always provided by Lucas. There are no contracts required, his rates are reasonable and the service exceptional. Cannot recommend him enough.

Lorinda S

San Clemente, CA

I've stuck around with oceanfront because it's apparent how honest they are. I've had a fella named Lucas at my house a number of times and he is very friendly and willing to work hard. It's nice to find a service that you can trust that gets the job done every time. 

Jamin J.

Capo Beach, CA

2 days ago I saw a little mouse run under our dishwasher and was speechless...I've never seen traces of a little mouse anywhere in our house! The owner, Lucas was able to come out promptly. He assessed the situation and told us that most likely it is only 1 mouse and it probably came in through the garage. I've been leaving our garage open and the door to the house/garage open lately to catch the evening breeze. Lucas told us that as the weather is cooling down, mice are finding warmer places (garages/houses) so it's best to close the door :). I asked if he could also check our attic/etc just in case there are no other mice. He checked the attic and assured us that it was mice free! Then he left us a few traps and charged us significantly less than our quote. The traps were out for less than 3 hrs. and sure enough we caught the little mouse! Lucas was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional....Thanks Lucas!!!

Eunice T.

Tustin, CA

Hello Lucas, I wanted to thank you again for coming to my house yesterday and providing an honest assessment of my bee situation. In the last six months of being a house owner I have unfortunately dealt with several dishonest service providers that have outright lied to me about work needing to be done like full house fumigation and extensive plumbing work. So, to meet an honest guy like yourself was such a pleasure and breath of fresh air. I will definitely be calling you in the future if anything comes up that needs good pest control man. Last night I went to the hardware store and got some fine metal screen material and few tie wraps and covered up the vent hole on my roof so my wife is very happy too. Sincerely, Eric F.

Eric F.

Mission Viejo, CA

My husband and I have 4 dogs, and just moved to a house with a grassy backyard. We didn't want our dogs to get fleas or any other bug issues, so we called Oceanfront Pest Control and they came over right away. Our house has never felt so bug free! We decided to have them come over on a regular basis, because no matter how many spiders my husband can save me from, Oceanfront Pest Control gets the ones we never knew were there. 

Andrea V.

Capo Beach, CA

I've used a number of other pest control companies in attempts to rid us of the rats that were getting into our attic. Oceanfront Pest Control was able to do what the others couldn't and he has gotten rid of the rat problem. Lucas is courteous, efficient and professional and really CARED about our issue. The service was very affordable, particularly given the amount of service we received. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Oceanfront Pest Control! If you've got a pest problem, they'll take care of it quickly and

Joe G.

Rancho Santa Margarita

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