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Mosquito Control


       Our Mosquito Reduction Program consist of:

      SEASONAL MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: February - November 30th

This program will greatly reduce mosquito activity by having our professional mosquito reduction service help to maintain the outside of the home on a 21-day service frequency. Having the home treated every 21 days will interrupt the life cycle of the mosquito preventing a re-infestation and considerably reducing activity.


Clean out all standing water around your home, such as dog bowls, gutters, garbage, recycling bins, bird baths, Fountains, flower vases, tarps, toys.

Maintain your pool to prevent mosquito Larva from breading. Keep trees and bushes pruned, grass should be kept short, remove any yard debris that gathers water. Look for low spots in your yard that may retaining moisture.


  1. Do you treat for Mosquitos?

Yes, we have a Mosquito Reduction Program focusing on mosquito season which is from February to November 30th. We focus on treating the outside of the home to reduce the mosquito activity. Our technician will look around the outside of the home to see if they can find the source of the problem, and to provide recommendations on any conditions that can invite mosquitos. We will go out every 15 days to target and interrupt the life cycle of the mosquito.

2. Why every day?

This process of reducing the activity is based on the life cycle of a mosquito. We must interrupt that cycle to prevent any further infestation.


3. Will this service eliminate Mosquitos?

It will reduce the activity of mosquitos. We go out every 21 days to interrupt the cycle which greatly reduces the activity.

4. What can I do myself to prevent any mosquitos from forming?

You must clear up any standing water in your backyard, keep grass short and prevent from over watering your lawn, change water on dog bowls, bird bath, etc. daily. Remove any debris that can built up in shadowing areas that can retain moisture.

5. What is Mosquito season?

Mosquito season is usually February -November 30th during spring and summer months.

6. Does the product target any other insects?

This program is strictly specialized for reducing the mosquito activity around your home.


 7. What areas of the home will you service?

We will be focusing the treatment outside only. shrubs, bushes, eves, and shaded areas.


 8. Will every day be too much product for my home?

Our product is environmentally friendly, the product is completely safe from people and pets.  This application will focus on specific target areas. The reason we treat every 15 days to effectively help reduce the mosquito activity in your home. We MUST interrupt the life cycle of the mosquito every 21 days.


9. How is the product applied?

The product is applied with a backpack sprayer. Focusing on bushes, shrubs, under leaves and shaded areas.


10. What if I have mosquitos inside?

This program will only focus on the outside. Mosquitos enter the home through an open door or window. During the mosquito season we recommend maintaining your doors and window screens closed as much as possible.





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