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  • Most swarming activity takes place from April through May. Honeybees swarm for one of two reasons. Either the hive has become too crowded, so they split into two groups (or more), with one group remaining in the existing hive. Or they abscond. In this case, all bees including the queen abandon the existing hive completely due to lack of food or water. While Bee swarm they look for a suitable place to start their new home. this can very well be the structure of your home. the smallest opening or crack in stucco will give access for bees to set up.

  • We take pride in every single job we do, big or small. We make sure to go above and beyond in every job to make sure are customers' expectations are overly met. We are a family owned and operated company.

  • Our technicians are honest, if there isn’t a hive or the swarm has flown away, we will let you know right away and make sure our customers know any preventative measures.

  • Our service will consist of localized treatment on the affected area. our technicians will either use powders or liquid sprays to neutralizes the hive and bees.

  • For wasps we will treat and remove all wasps' nest all around the eves of the home.    

  • All our Bee & Wasp services pricing is a fixed rate. no upcharge, no hidden cost. plus, we guarantee are work for one year.

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