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  • The most common cockroach found in your home is the German and American roach. These cockroaches can multiply very fast. Roaches love dark warm and damp places, to hide and lay their eggs.

  • Most common places to find roaches inside your home, is your kitchen under sinks behind your stove and refrigerator. American roaches love sewers and drains. 

  • We will treat the inside and outside of your home or office all in one visit.

  • Inside treatment includes: a light application to all baseboards, window ceils, under sinks, garage, upstairs and downstairs. We will fog all cabinets and cupboards. We will treat with gas inside wall voids if needed. Vacate time is two hours.

  • Outside treatment Includes: application with an electric backpack around entire property, including foundation of home cracks in concrete, in and around floor beds /trees, and anywhere they are harboring.

  • All Cockroach jobs are guaranteed for 30 Days. 

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