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Rats and Mice All rodent work is guaranteed. 

  • Rats & Mice in your home can be the most unwanted pest in your house. Rats can enter in any space the size of a quarter. Rats will chew on wires to cause electrical problems, gnaw on wood to keep you from sleeping at night, urinate/defecate in your attic space, and destroy anything in there path.

  • Treatment for rats includes trapping and exclusions.

  • First: our will perform a thorough inspection, locating all entry points and problem areas. We will provide with a detail report/photos, and estimate.  

  • Second: , our trained technician will set rat traps anywhere rodents are frequenting. Following up every 3-4 days to check and a dispose of dead rats caught by our traps.

  • Third : we will rodent proof /screen off all rat entry points; replace any vent that might be a source where rats can enter your home. Rat Proofing a home or office is the permanent solution to your rat problems, will locate and screen off all entry places, to prevent rodents/pests from returning.


  •  All work is guaranteed. Guarantee may be voided if  technician instructions are not followed. for example trimming trees, clearing out garage  and rooms inside the house to expose rodent entry points so our technicians may locate and close holes.

  • **BAIT BOX SERVICE  Add On**. Bait boxes are a great way to control and reduce rodent activity outside your home or business. Bait Boxes are not traps. It is a device that holds rodent bait for rodents to feed on, while protecting non targeted animals from getting poisoned. The bait box holds the bait securely inside. Our train technicians will service each box by refilling the bait box every visit. Additional refills between visits may be added for an extra charge. Bait box service can be added to any one-time or maintenance service for an additional cost. Please call for additional details.

  • **VACCUM & SANITION not included in rodent program,  ADD ON**

  •  Attic Vacuum & sanitation is advised, only once your home or office has been rat proofed and no more rats have been in the structure. This process will remove all unwanted allergens’, dust, rat droppings, dust, rat droppings. Please call our office for further details or to schedule an inspection.

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