• Gophers can live and burrow underground creating an array of tunnel systems that can extend from 200 to 2000 square feet. Since gophers are solitary animals, there tunnels usually consists of only one gopher unless they are mating. Gophers are able to have an average of 1-2 litters per year with each litter being as large as 6 born. The new born gophers will stay with the mother for 60 days, then they will be exploring new areas to burrow and tunnel. gophers are not a hibernating animal and they can be active day and night. The most common sign that indicates you have gopher activity may include: Dirt mounds in your yard, dying plants with missing or falling leaves.

  • Our process will include setting traps throughout the yard, focusing and locating mounds and tunnels. 

  • We will check traps , dispose of gopher and reset traps on a weekly basis. 

  • We do not use poisons, our process and procedure is safe for the environment, pets and yards.