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  • Most common spideraround the outside of your home/yard is the black widow spider.These spiders make their webs usually outside and in dark places. Webs are often built close to the ground, near houses, or in garage. Female spiders lay about 1200-1600 eggs, per summer.

  • Treatment for spiders includes one of our trained technician to thoroughly inspect the entire house inside and out and locate the harboring areas. Once areas of treatment are located, we will power spray the complete back yard, focusing around the foundation of the house, in planter boxes, garages, and anywhere spiders could be hiding.

  • After a complete spray of your home, our technician will go around with a web-stick brush, and clean up all spider webs in and around your windows and eves on your first story.

  • Vacate time is 2 hours

  • All work is guaranteed for 2 months

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