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The most common Ant found in Orange County is the Argentine Ant. This Ant travels in large numbers & they can have multiple queens. They don’t need soil to survive.


The most common cockroach found in your home is the German and American roaches. This cockroach can multiply very fast. Roaches love dark warm and damp places, to hide and lay their eggs.


Most common spider around the outside of your home/yard is the black widow spider.These spiders make their webs usually outside and in dark places. 



Fleas in your home, is a big nuisance. Fleas have a complex 4 stage life cycle.

Rats and Mice 

Rats & Mice in your home can be the most unwanted pest in your house. Rats can enter in any space the size of a quarter.

       Mosquito Control


Mosquito Reduction Program. is a great way to reduce and control those pesky mosquitos during your spring and summer months.

            BED BUGS

Bed Bugs can be found in hotels, motels, dormitories, apartments, condos, homes, and even in some public places, such as stores and offices.



Most swarming activity takes place from April through May. Honeybees swarm for one of two reasons. Either the hive has become too crowded, so they split into two groups.

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